Catalyst Recruiting

Recruiting with Love Since 2013

Catalyst Recruiting is a direct hire recruitment firm based in Austin, Texas, founded in 2013.  We are Certified Search Consultants with 20 years of experience in staffing and recruiting, and are members of the American Staffing Association.  We specialize in Professional Search for a variety of industries within Texas and in other states outside of Texas.  We offer customized packages, taking your budget into consideration to find you competitive top talent.  Whether you're looking to grow your team or fill in the blanks, we engage and deliver top candidates to you quickly providing you with excellent choices.

Our Services include​

  • Direct Hire 

  • Professional Search

  • Retained Search

We provide Direct Hire Staffing for

  • Long Term and Full Time Help

  • Part Time, Contract, and Project Help

Our Occupational Placement Specialties are

  • Accounting & Finance​

  • Administrative & Office Clerical

  • Customer Service

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Technical

  • Fashion Merchandising & Retail

  • Food/Beverage, Restaurant, and Hospitality

  • Human Resources

  • Industrial & Warehouse

  • Information Technology

  • Management 

  • Marketing

  • Sales & Marketing
    • Small Business & Start-Ups

    • Strategic roles

    • Supply Chain roles

    Benefits of working with Catalyst

    • Top Talent: Your talent needs are our top priority, we work hard to understand and deliver desired results.

    • Speed of Hire: Your top candidates are identified and engaged quickly.

    • Cost Savings: You can save anywhere from 10 to 50% on your current staffing/recruiting costs.

    • Dedicated Recruiter: You have a dedicated recruiter providing you daily recruitment support.  


    Catalyst is all about delivering your desired results through diligence, integrity and customer service.  We work hard to take care of your recruitment and staffing needs so you can breathe easy and focus on the big picture.

    We Believe (Catalyst's/Sunny's Philosophy)

    • In Heart work

    • That professional development is a continuous conscious effort not a destination.​

    • That people live up to your expectations, expect a win.  

    • That if you believe in people, and give them (rare) genuine (and not hollow) encouragement to achieve their goals and yours, you've essentially given them the power to move mountains for your business.

    • That it's a good idea to establish rewards for milestone achievements.

    • That Recruiting and Retention go hand in hand.  Top talent will stay longer if you understand and meet their needs (develop a retention plan) whether it's from a cultural, flexibility, or professional development standpoint.

    • In You, In Talent, In our Clients, and In your Vision.

    • In Miracles and In the Recruiting Fairy!

    Our Mission is three-fold in that

    • We seek to cultivate talented professionals who have a love of their craft by pairing talented professionals with clients who will be committed to developing them further.

    • We are committed to instilling the sense of confidence and empowerment in talented professionals by helping them recognize their strengths so they can build upon them and live up to their full potential.

    • We hope to encourage talented professionals to continue to make a meaningful impact by helping our clients' vision move forward into progress.

    Founder & Strategic Recruiting Partner

    Sunny Zunker

    Sunny is the Founder & Strategic Recruiting Partner for Catalyst Recruiting.  She brings 20 years of combined experience in staffing and recruiting.  She is a Certified Search Consultant and holds a Bachelors degree in both Business and Human Resource Management.  She began her career in staffing & recruiting when she joined the Staffing industry in 1997 and there was born a passion to help people not only find good jobs but her clients find good people.  Her experience has ranged from recruiting in the staffing industry, to a small business setting, in addition to recruiting in the corporate world.  Clients have ranged from local to regional to national, from corporate to small to medium sized businesses in the following industries: retail, restaurant, fashion and tech.  She loves recruiting and taking care of her clients and candidates is a huge priority to her.  Her passion is Recruiting and spending time with her 13 year old.  When she's not working, Sunny likes to read for both personal enjoyment and professional growth, she likes to write professional articles and blogs.  She listens to positive and uplifting music, stays active in social media and the local community, appreciates arts & history, enjoys partaking in culinary & hiking adventures and the quiet practice of yoga.

    Sunny started Catalyst Recruiting in 2013 with a vision, a blueprint to pursue her craft - staffing and recruiting, and set out to positively affect the professional lives of her candidates in helping them develop their career path, connecting them to their next opportunity.  She also sets out to create positive business outcomes for her clients by providing strategic recruiting services.  She considers herself fortunate that she gets to be part of writing 2 stories, one from the candidate's perspective as they grow professionally and one from the client's perspective as the talented professionals they hire help to advance their vision and develop their story.  Her aim has been and is to ensure a great match (yay!) and that she is providing an enjoyable hiring experience for both the candidate and the hiring manager, one that is pleasant, seamless, supremely delightful, courteous and professional, being mindful of confidentiality, and as stress-free as possible..  

    Sunny loves recruiting and has been at it since 1996.

    Sunny's Recruiting Philosophy is based on a few Simple Truths

    • Talent acquisition is not merely a cost, it's an investment.

    • Talent possesses special endowments, artistic aptitudes, intelligence and ability in addition to natural and learned skills plus experience.  (Credits:  Semi-Partial definition borrowed from Merriam Webster). 

    • Talent pursues development opportunities.

    • Talent affects culture and accelerates progress.

    • Talent is always in demand.

    Marketing Manager

    Christine Sulkis